Wow! Media Ltd., a guidebook publisher established since 1998, has become a well-known brand in the local guidebook market. When it was first established in 1990s, Wow! Media Ltd. has brought a breakthrough by bringing new concepts in a most user-friendly format. The updated information about the shopping, trends, culture and traveling spots have made our books amongst the most popular one. Since its re-launched in 2003, Wow! Media Ltd. have changed its development direction and style and our books again bring the traveling guidebooks into a new era.


We released more than 30 books in the past few years. We print 45,000 copies for each edtion and the most popular and recent series include :

1. 《東京達人天書》《Tokyo Tatsujin Bible》
2. 《京阪神達人天書》《Kyoto Osaka Kobe Tatsujin Bible》
3. 《北海道達人天書》《Hokkaido Tatsujin Bible》
4. 《沖繩‧石垣島達人天書》《Okinawa · Ishigaki Tatsujin Bible》
5. 《箱根‧伊豆‧輕井況‧熱海達人天書》《Hakone · Izu · Karuizawa · Atami Tatsujin Bible》
6. 《九州達人天書》《Kyushu Tatsujin Bible》
7. 《首爾達人天書》《Seoul Tatsujin Bible》
8. 《釜山‧濟州‧慶州達人天書》《Busan · Jeju · Gyeongju Tatsujin Bible》
9. 《台北‧宜蘭‧新北市達人天書》《Taipei · Yilan · New Taipei City Tatsujin Bible》
10. 《台中‧高雄‧台南‧墾丁達人天書》《Taichung · Kaohsiung · Tainan · Kenting Tatsujin Bible》
11. 《曼谷達人天書》《Bangkok Tatsujin Bible》
12. 《新加坡達人天書》《Singapore Tatsujin Bible》
13. 《吉隆坡‧檳城‧怡保‧新山達人天書》《Malaysia Tatsujin Bible》
14. 《琵琶湖‧京都府‧城崎達人天書》《Biwa · Kyoto · Kinosaki Tatsujin Bible》
15. 《四國‧香川‧德島‧高知‧愛媛達人天書》《Shikoku Tatsujin Bible》
16. 《名古屋‧高山‧白川鄉‧金沢達人天書》《Nagoya · Takayama · Shirakawago · Kanazawa Tatsujin Bible》
17. 《廣島‧鳥取‧岡山‧山口‧島根達人天書》《Hiroshima · Tottori · Okayama · Shimane Tatsujin Bible》

18.《放假啦!和歌山》《Wakayama Holiday》
19.《放假啦!清邁》《Chiang Mai Holiday》
20.《放假啦!海之京都若狹路》《Kyoto by the sea Wakasaji Holiday》

Leading role in guidebook market

Our books are available in a comprehensive network of bookstores within Hong Kong. In July 2004, with our comprehensive information and well-organized content, we have successfully explored the Taiwan market and the response has been excellent that we awarded the “Best Sales (Traveling Books)” for several years. Also, in Singapore, Malaysia, and so on, also can buy our travel books.

策劃 Prepared by Wow! Media Ltd.